The Dolly Wagglers: Purveyors of Entertainment and Spectacle

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As "The Dolly Wagglers, we strive to bring a fresh crudeness and entertaining humility to the world of puppetry. We are constantly at work on cardboard operettas, crankyshows (low-tech scrolling pictures), and cantastorias (picture shows). In our decade of gallavanting hither and thither we have created a small stockpile of shows, both longer and shorter that we have performed all over the place. Lindsay currently is at work in Detroit, MI. Adam is working on projects in Northern Vermont. Several times a year we travel to different places to build parades and pageants with some of our favorite communities. To contact us: lindsayamccaw at

Latest work:

Check out this Event in Detroit:
November 22, Trixie's Bar in Hamtramck, 
Its a VELVET PAINTING SHOW.   A great art form for escaping to a paradise world.

Most recent show:
"American Vegetative Lowlives Gone Wild"
at Toy Theatre After Dark, Open Eye Figure Theatre, Mpls
March 30-April1 2017
with Steve Ackerman

Our latest creation, entitled "Gross Bliss." 
this show debuted in Putney, VT at the Sandglass Theatre. November 7 and 8. The show was presented in Detroit May 9 and 10 and Ypsilanti, MI May 12.  "Gross Bliss" is about the struggles of a pair of artists, carnivorous plants and the consequences of facebook.  In collaboration with the brave and talented Gregory Corbino

The following is a short clip from our first performance of "Gross Bliss:"

Here are some clips from some other recent performances!

Here is a clip of our "Woodchopper Opera" from 2012 at Open Eye Figure Theatre, from
Toy Theatre After Dark in Minneapolis

Here you will see samples of the Sardine Circus, Polka your Finger out Polka, Everything in Moderation all at Once Cranky and Bavarian Folk Tale:


2013-2014 highlights

Lindsay waggles Woody Guthrie and sidekick puppet in "The Hard Times of Woody Guthrie," a kids show we are currently touring.

Pictured here are 2 of 15 mighty slow sloths from the mayday parade in minneapolis they had extended arms and they all pedaled bicycle floats

This is a "Terror Bird" from this year's Halloween Show at Hidden Falls Park in St. Paul/Minneapolis. This creature is based on a prehistoric flightless flesh eating mega-bird! 

The following pictures are from Lindsay's trip to India in August/September 2013.
Above is Sorna, a creater and performer of traditional and current events based scroll shows in a small village called Pingla near Kolkata, India. I was able to visit her and her community and several other communities practicing traditional puppetry and parading this summer on a tour with the Corn Potato String Band.
 Sorna's house is beautifully decorated as are many of the houses in the scroll-painter (patachitra) village. Her husband is working on paintings in their breezeway.
 This tremendous Ganesh sculpture is made of a thin layer of clay over a straw sculpture and will be beautifully painted with bright colors for Durga Puja, a Hindu religious event in which sculptures of Durga, Ganesh and other dieties are paraded to giant shrines and then taken to the river to disintegrate.
 This is detail of a Pal, or story-banner painting. Note the tiny mouse, for whom several songs out of the 57 hour traditional performance are dedicated.
 More of the Pal depicting the story of Pabuji, an infamous and charismatic hero.
We had the great fortune of meeting Sugana, a Bhopi and talented player of the Ravanhatta, one of the instruments traditionally used to accompany the telling of Pabuji's epic tale. The instrument is a bamboo fiddle with 15 sympathetic strings. We met him through the curator of the amazing Desert Museum in Jodhpur, Kuldeep Kothari.

Other things we have done 2012-2014

Toy Theater Festival June 15-22 2013 St. Anns Warehouse, NYC "Bavarian Folk Tale"

This Giant moose appeared on Mayday May 5 in Minneapolis MN. It was carried by three stalwart gents to the delight of many. It is accompanied by a 4-member "shambling hummock" dance team. While being built it hung from the ceiling. These Mandrils continue to boggle and delight from Minnesota to Boston to Vermont Vaudeville. Available for weddings and birthday parties. "The Mystery of Ice Mountain" show 2012 Winter Rural Academy Theatre Horse and Wagon tour, 2012 (see past posts for the "OLD RELIABLE HORSE DRAWN SPECTACULAR" see the link to this ongoing project! 2013 Brought us the Police State Cabaret, a tour from Boston down to Charlottesville with Jason Hicks, Sam Wilson and Fede Collina.

Past work:

Halloween Parade with Brooklyn Free School, NYC, Oct. 2011

This ferocious eight-person (40 foot) dragon was built from donated materials in a weeklong workshop at the Brooklyn Free School. It was made for a Halloween street parade and was accompanied by a bucket drum corps, a cheerleading squad and a team of hula-hoopers. The following are pictures of the workshop:

Recent performances include: A cantastoria and a cranky show performed at Banners and Cranks in Chelsea, NYC

The Woodchopper Opera, pictured here, is a hand-written fairy tale about appropriate technology. It is appropriate for all ages and was made several years ago, for the Boxcutter Cabaret. We continue to show it in many places including NYC pictured below.

Pageants and Large scale puppets are also part of our repertoire. Pictured here is a vulture that Lindsay Built for the Barebones Halloween Show

Recent events also include: The Sardine Circus, a surrealist miniature circus complete with real sardine performers.

Live Art 2011 on Madeline Island:
"Why have a home planet when you can have a tube in space?"

Adam and Space man (Phil Parhamovich) in front of the base of the rocketship

Workshop participants making the many cardboard flames that were necessary for blast-off.

The Flying Donkey Cabaret, Feb.-Mar. 2011

The Flying Donkey Cabaret was a two week puppet-waggling rampage that was built and debuted in Portland, ME and made its way to New Orleans, LA. We teamed up with Federica Collina and Jason Hicks. Here are pictures from the show:

The King of Fun demands entertainment

Lindsay plays a very convincing "owl" oracle in "Bavarian Folktale"

One of the many ways to "Fly a Donkey" performed by Federica and Jason

Adam performs "Uh Oh" a cantastoria based on a poem by Antler, a Milwaukee poet.

Other Shows from Portland, ME... Below is the talking gravy puppet from our November 2010 "Gravy Taste" event and a photo from the Over a Cardboard Sea show at the State Theater.

Crankies and Cantastorias

We have been honored to participate in several Cantastoria and Cranky gatherings hosted by our esteemed friends Claire Dolan and Dave Buchen. Here is the the poster from Banners and Cranks, NYC and Bi-Vitititiri, Puerto Rico, both posters made by Dave Buchen:

Claire Dolan performing "Historia de una Rata" in Puerto Rico as part of the Bi-Vitititiri show.

Here are pictures of Cantastorias and Crankies that we have made and performed:

Above is pictured the "Where Are We Going" Cantastoria from the Old Reliable Horsedrawn Spectacular and a cranky from the Boxcutter Cabaret being performed in Philadelphia. Below is a picture of Lindsay performing her robot cantastoria as the Professor D. Wabbit.

This is Adam presenting "Old Timey Resistance Manifesto" at the Packer-Schopf Gallery in Chicago

Remembering "The Brand New Same Old Bologna Show"

"It's better than Avatar" -Prof. John Bell (Ballard Institute of Puppetry) Jan. 2010

A wild spasm of hooey, hogwash and nonsense hosted by the great bologna, featuring the music of olden days played by a six piece gorilla brass band. Brought to you by the Old Reliable Amusement Company--Featuring members of Over A Cardboard Sea, Modern Times Theater and The Dolly Wagglers. On Tour for TWO WEEKS ONLY!

If you were unable to make it to one of our blisteringly entertaining live shows, here is what you missed:

Half a dozen hand made gorilla suits

Singing fruit solo during the "Tiger Rag" at the Main Street Museum in White River Junction, VT

Adam, Lindsay, Jimmy and Timmy play a fiddle rag in New London, CT

Justin Lander and Rose Friedman the duo who call themselves "Modern Times Theater" play some lovely duets on cornet and ukelele at Vincent's in Worcester, one of our new favorite places

"Is that a tentacle?" Just one of the many moments of distress in our ham-fisted cardboard melodrama followed by a low-tech close up of the main characters.

What?... "Surprise, Surprise You Haven't Seen Everything Yet" Cranky Show narrated by Adam and Jimmy

Jimmy, Timmy and Lindsay sing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" which makes the fathead so sad. Every time.

What could be more entertaining than singing, scatting bananas with a hairy coconut

Fyodor Dostoyevski, a long time supporter of Bologna

All the way from Dubuque, IA its Randy Clifton and his little doll, Hazel Darnell

Some close ups thanks to Megan Killimade from New London, CT

Adam and Timmy croon about Bologna Cologne

Every Bologna show needs a lounge act and this one is "pure class."

Thank you to everyone who hosted us and supported us by coming to our shows. We have never had so much fun. Stay in touch because the Bologna show may rear its fleshy pink face again in a town near you!