The Dolly Wagglers: Purveyors of Entertainment and Spectacle

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As "The Dolly Wagglers, we strive to bring a fresh crudeness and entertaining humility to the world of puppetry. We are constantly at work on cardboard operettas, crankyshows (low-tech scrolling pictures), and cantastorias (picture shows). In our decade of gallavanting hither and thither we have created a small stockpile of shows, both longer and shorter that we have performed all over the place. Lindsay currently is at work in Detroit, MI. Adam is working on projects in Northern Vermont. Several times a year we travel to different places to build parades and pageants with some of our favorite communities. To contact us: lindsayamccaw at

Past Tours

Boxcutter Cabaret Band, Spring 2008, Columbia MO. The Boxcutter Cabaret was a six week tour through the Eastern US. We joined forces with two other puppet duos: Modern Times Theater and RPM Puppet Conspiracy. We travelled together in a grease powered short bus.

Woodchopper Opera, Boxcutter Cabaret, Spring 2008, North Hampton MA - Adam is behind the stage, waggling the dollies.
(Photograph by Robert Tobey)

The Battle of This and That, Insurrection Landscapers (Jason Norris and Adam Cook), 2004, Olympia WA.
(Lindsay and Adam's first puppet tour together - pre-Dolly Wagglers)